Spike Aware UK is a registered charity covering England, Scotland, Wales & NI.


SAUK is made up of people who have either been victims of drink and needle spiking or had their lives impacted in some way by this vicious crime.  We are the only registered charity and support network for victims of drink and needle spiking in the UK.  We CAMPAIGN for change.


At SAUK we are not just against drink and needle crime, we are active in trying to stop it.  We won't stand by when we see or hear about drink and needle spiking happening. We'll SPEAK OUT about it, and we'll ACT against it.


We aim to provoke action to prevent drink and needle spiking crime happening in the UK. We seek to build a movement to EMPOWER victims of drink and needle spiking crime.  We organise, cooperate, support and campaign locally and nationally to spread awareness.


We are building a network of AntiSpikers. We want to empower victims and supporters to act and speak out about this crime.  We want to encourage people to GET ACTIVE to help raise awareness and campaign.